Fujifilm - Instax Mini Instant Film - White

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Fujifilm - Instax Mini Instant Film - White

Compatible with Fujifilm instax mini cameras

For use with your existing camera.

ISO 800 film speed

With superb grain quality, instax film ensures vibrant colour and natural skin tones.

Credit-Card Size

2.1" x 3.4" film size. The unique credit-card sized film is easy to carry in your purse or wallet and has that classic white frame that you can leave blank or personalize with fun messages.

Easy-to-Load Cartridge

Every cartridge is designed and labelled for easy loading and filled with 10 prints each.

Highly Stable

The new emulsion performs at temperatures as low as 5°C and as high as 40°C.

Notation area

Enables you to write captions in the margin below each image.

60 exposures

So you can share plenty of memories with family and friends.

Use your Fujifilm camera and this Instax mini film value pack to capture memories as instant Polaroid photos. Once you snap a picture, it takes mere moments for it to develop so you can easily share the picture with friends. This Instax mini film value pack contains 60 sheets that deliver vivid photos in crisp, vibrant color.