Fujifilm - instax mini Instant Color Film (2-Pack)

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Fujifilm - instax mini Instant Color Film (2-Pack)

Compatible with Fujifilm instax mini cameras

For use with your existing camera.

Allows you to instantly print up to 20 credit-card-size 2.1" x 3.4" photos

With a 1.8" x 2.4" image area, ideal for snapshots, portraits, documentary and archival purposes and more.

ISO 800 film

With direct positive sigma crystal emulsion technology delivers striking images with enhanced grain quality when shooting in daylight and electronic flash conditions.

Thin-film technology

Helps images develop quickly. Emulsion, development-accelerators and development-control technologies help create long-lasting photos.

41° - 104° temperature range

Allows you to capture images in a variety of conditions.

Notation area

Located below the image provides space for jotting down names, dates and other information with a nonwater-based-ink pen (not included).

Glossy finish

Offers a high-quality appearance.


Helps ensure you have extra film on hand.

Shoot crisp images with your Fujifilm 16026678 instax mini camera using these Fujifilm instax mini instant color film cartridges, which feature direct positive sigma crystal emulsion technology for optimal grain quality. The 2-pack lets you keep an extra on hand.